300 000km Extended Warranty

Tata Trucks
Thank you very much for purchasing a TATA commercial vehicle. Your TATA vehicle is supported by a
1 year / 100 000km warranty. SA Warranties (Pty) Ltd. extends the cover to 3 years / 300 000km from date of first registration.
This is applicable to new vehicles sold after the 1st October 2005.

All the parts, terms, conditions and exclusions (as set out in the TATA factory warranty) are covered by the SA Warranties (Pty) Ltd. extended warranty for an additional 2 years / 200 000km (whichever occurs first).

*Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for further information

All new TATA commercial vehicles and busses having a maximum gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 14 900kg.

Underwriter and Administrators Statement:
The SA Warranties (Pty) Ltd. extended warranty, is underwritten by the Regent Insurance Company Limited (Reg. no 66/07612/06). SA Warranties (Pty) Ltd. has been appointed as the Administrator of this warranty extension and as such undertakes to administer claims in respect of your vehicle according to the terms and conditions of your factory warranty booklet.

The SA Warranties (Pty) Ltd. extended warranty covers your vehicle for an additional 2 years / 200 000km (whichever occurs first) after the expiry of your original manufacturer’s warranty.

Services must be in terms of schedule and frequency as prescribed by TATA Automobile Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd. and must be carried out at a TATA Automobile Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd. dealership.

No claims will be considered in the event of non-compliance.

Service invoices must be retained as you will be asked for proof that your vehicle has been regularly serviced in the event of a claim.

The details of the new owner, such as name and address, must be forwarded to SA Warranties SA (Pty) Ltd. by the TATA Automobile Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd. Head Office.
This warranty may be transferred to a subsequent owner of the vehicle for the unexpired term thereof and remains valid and enforceable provided that the terms hereof, including maintenance obligations, have been maintained throughout, provided it is sold through the TATA Automobile Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd. Dealer Network.

a) Claims during the first year must be treated as they are currently done i.e. directly with TATA Automobile Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd.
b) During the second and third years, claims must be dealt with as set out below:

1. The vehicle should be taken to a TATA Automobile Corporation
SA (Pty) Ltd within 7 days of the failure becoming apparent. If you are unable to contact such a dealer, or in the case of difficulty, please telephone the claims office during normal office hours
Tel: 0860 729 006.

2. Please have the following information available when calling:
– owner’s name
– VIN Number
– Current kilometre reading
– Nature of failure or breakdown
– Name and address of the repairer

3. The repairing dealer must establish the exact cause of the breakdown and/or mechanical failure and check that this Warranty Certificate covers the components directly associated to the cause of failure.

4. The repairing dealer must contact the Claims Office for authorisation to proceed with repairs. No repairs are to be commenced until authorisation is given by the claims office.

5. On completion of the authorised repairs the repairer must invoice the administrator. Any excess or charges for work and/or items not covered by the TATA Warranty will be invoiced directly to the Warranty Holder. The Administrator will pay the repairer for the Company’s authorised liability.

Address           : Private Bag X5, Bruma 2026
Telephone       : 0860 24 36 48
Claims             : 0860 729 006
E-mail               : warranties@regent.co.za
Facsimile         : (011) 388-4004
Office hours    : 08h00-17h00 Mon-Fri (excl. public holidays)

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