Volunteer week at Tata

Volunteer week at TATA was a huge success with all involved showing great support for the intiative which honoured our founder.

We (TACSA) had identified the Johannesburg Children’s Home in Observatory as the charity that we would like to support on the 7th of March 2014. This is a home for children of the state that have been abused physically, sexually and emotionally as well abandoned and neglected children. We have chosen this Home as they are supporting 59 children at the home which includes housing, feeding, clothing etc. This institution only receives an 11% subsidy from the government and this is a very small amount in which to look after 59 children. For more information on the Home, please look at the their website www.jch.org.za.

Some of the activities that were planned for the day were as follows:-
1. Repair of the cupboard doors
2. Repair of the curtain railings
3. Replacement of the pool pump
4. Donation of food to the Home
5. Lunch in the form of a braai for all

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