TATA Training - 17 September

Training for TATA employees was conducted by Ashley Govender in order to improve on the knowledge and skill levels of the SAPS technicians that maintain all the Tata Commercial Vehicles. These technicians hail from all the provinces within South Africa. The skill levels of the technicians range between 2 to 3 years on Tata vehicles.

These technicians were identified by the SAPS to receive training on all the latest modifications that Tata vehicles have undergone. Adherence to proper Tata service schedules is imperative for the effective operation of the Tata vehicles as well as understanding the use of special tools used.

The attendees were as follows:

E P Prince, CM Menyatso, MD Ntlhane, MD Makinta, FFS Arendse, AS Mpyama, YE Madikane, S Somtsewu, MC Matabane

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