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Tata was approached by Medanta group of India, for a pilot project they had bagged of Mobile clinics to be based in rural areas for a 3 year period.

Mobile Clinic Bus on LPO 1823 – Prayers before taking the bus out from workshop

The designs were approved by their team and process was started late November 2016. However due to December holidays, sufficient work could not be completed.

From 12th January, till the, 3rd February 2017, at 05:15 the teamworked 7 days a week and till late at midnight to complete the mobile clinic to client’s satisfaction.



On 30 April 2016, Mr N N Tata inaugurated two new divisions of TATA Automobile Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd., namely Trucks Assured – Certified Used TATA Vehicle Division and TACSA Workshop – TATA Service and Repair Centre.

IMG_4361Trucks Assured – Certified Used TATA Vehicle is a division of TATA Automobile Corporation South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Through this division, we provide a quality base of used TATA trucks, with the option of warranty extensions, based on vehicle classification. We source only the best commercial vehicles available to ensure superior customer satisfaction. We offer in-house financing to those who qualify for it and our financial solution can be tailored to customers’ exact requirements, including the provision of insurance products, if required. This division, which opened in January 2016 has, to date, sold in excess of 30 units. For more information on this division, visit Trucks Assured – Certified Used TATA Vehicle.


TACSA Workshop was established to deliver service support to customers who are not current patrons of a TATA dealer workshop. It also services ‘post-warranty’ customers in and around Gauteng who undertake their vehicle servicing privately. As part of its services, TACSA Workshop ensures the immediate availability of parts since these are warehoused on the property, along with provides skilled manpower. On-the-job ‘live’ training is conducted at this facility to further improve the skill levels at our network of dealerships.

Services at TACSA Workshop include:

  • Bus body refurbishment.
  • Truck body work.
  • Aggregate repair/exchange recon aggregate.
  • Same-day delivery for service and/or minor repairs.
  • Speedy diagnostics and fix ‘first-time-right’ with genuine TATA spares.
  • Complete diagnostic support for Prima and V3TXF.


Tata T1 Prima TRC is an all-round Epic Win

Imagine this: You’re just a regular guy, in fact you’re pretty much nobody. Only a handful of people know you by name and most of those are related to you. You’re always on the road – not for business meetings or on vacation or backpacking or hitch hiking; just on the road, driving from one destination to another. What you’re driving is nothing fancy; what you’re driving is something that everyone around you hates you for. What you’re driving has been far from comfortable all these years, yet it is the only thing you know to do. What you’re driving is work and work conditions aren’t close to being humane. Work conditions require you to eat, sleep, rest and spend days and days cramped in a tiny space, sharing it with at least one other person. Work conditions have meant sitting on nothing more than a rickety bench for hours and hours as you struggle to power your vehicle up steep inclines, twisting roads, tight lanes and clogged traffic jams. Work conditions include being abused by every other road user and then some more by multiple cops all along your route, everyday. The nature of your job itself holds absolutely no sense of respect in the eyes of society despite being someone without whom that very society would cease to function. Imagine being under-appreciated for the work you do to make ends meet, every day. Imagine the life of a truck driver…

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This event was a resounding success and was attended by local community, community and political leaders, local radio station school children, Tata Vryburg dealership and other provincial leaders.

The event was opened by Mr. Eddie Seboko with a prayer and followed by music items by the school kids and the local church choir.

We had the local Traditional Chief Mr Ntikang acknowledging and accepting Tata in the village and giving thanks on behalf of the chieftaincy and traditional affairs.

Then it was the chairperson of the school governing committee Mr Masimolele and followed by the school principal Mrs Rauto  also giving praises and gratitude to TATA Motors.

Mandla Mbatha was also interviewed on the local radio station about TATA’s involvement in the project and the importance of Mandela day as we understand it.

The event was also attended by the ANC ward councilor and his committee, the ANC Proportional Representative official, The MEC, the executive mayor of Taung Mr. Kaone Lobello executive committee members of the Greater Taung Taxi Association and the public at large.

We gave shoes to the school kids identified as the neediest by the teachers with their parents in attendance.

The school governing body, principal and her staff, political representatives and the village people have stated their gratitude to the Tata Group for its generosity which has truly humbled them.

The entire community and government officials were thankful for the gifts.